U.S. Attorneys Finally Placing Individual Responsibity for Pharma Corporate Decision Making

shutterstock_400825213The arrests of top executives who strategically and illegally marketed the over prescribing of  fentanyl spray will have to answer in the court of law. This marks one of the first instances where individuals at pharmaceutical companies are being held personally accountable for their unethical and illegal business practices that led to the opiate epidemic.

You may recall seeing the drug fentanyl associated with dozens of overdose articles. The substance is extremely potent and used as a cutting agent for the street drug heroin.

Even though opiate prescriptions are now carefully being watched and regulated there are other drugs that can now be just as easily exploited. These include medications containing buprenorphine. This is a synthetic drug which is used to assist addicts in stopping their dependency to opiates. It can be effective if used properly but can just as easily be abused and overprescribed as opiates themselves.

AARG view: We believe that personal accountability for reckless business decision making is a productive way of minimizing pharmaceutical companies boundary less sales tactics and market schemes. In turn, limiting the amount of overprescribing from the medical industry. It is imperative that pharmaceutical industry decision makers realize that their business actions could affect their personal lives. Rampant abuse of drugs containing buprenorphine is likely if not carefully managed.

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If you know someone suffering from drug or alcohol dependence and aren’t sure where to turn contact AARG. We can assist you with the entire process of getting those you care about on the right path. info@alignmentaddictionrecovery.com


Having a routine and daily practices enhances your sobriety

Today’s world demands a lot from people. As addicts and alcoholics we often used our substances to detach from all of the expectations that life placed on us. Almost every time this backfired and we ended up in a whirlwind of guilt and shame.

Getting clean and sober does not eliminate or lessen those feelings of expectation from the world around us. It merely gives us tools to deal with the people, places and things that used to activate us to the point of insanity.

Here at AARG we like to focus on the tasks, goals and lessons that aide addicts in long term continuous sobriety. For everyone the days work is different but the results remain consistent. In early sobriety we highly recommended to try as many different tasks and activities as possible in order to find which ones work best for each individual.

Some positive activities may include:

  • 12 step program involvement
  • Physical fitness
  • Healthy relationships 
  • Meditation and/or prayer
  • Writing
  • Self help and inspirational reading 
  • Things you may find fun
  • Healthy boundaries with people, places and things
  • Moderation
  • Goal setting 

These are just some of things that can be used to keep an addict grounded and help us not feel that the weight of the world is on our shoulders. The all or nothing characteristic usually needs to fade away a bit to allow us time to exist in the here and now. 

    AARG is able to help with lifestyle changes, life balance and learning how to live and have fun again. If you could use a hand in the balancing act of sober life we are available.


    Sober Companions are the “Lifeguards” of sobriety 

    If your newer in recovery or experiencing a difficult time and hope to maximize your chances of remaining sober throughout this holiday season here is something to consider. 
    The holidays in particular can be a stressful time where reaching for the tools of recovery can become challenging. Sponsors and your sober friends are traveling out of town and are less available, counsellors are working odd hours and you may feel a lul in your support system that you have so carefully put together.

    The good news is that you can find that support you need. It is in the form of a professional sober companion who helps you tap into your tools and overcome the hardships that the holiday time can reveal.

    Think of a sober companion like a lifeguard. You hope that you don’t need them to use all the skills they are trained to use.  However, you want them around to make sure if worse case scenarios happen then things will turn out in your favor.

    This holiday season don’t test your sobriety. Embrace it and be prepared for the New Year. AARG is here to help with any aspects of addiction including sober companioning. We are just a call away. Call us anytime 3107398345. Info@alignmentaddictionrecovery.com

    Have a Happy Clean and Sober Holiday Season

    Physical Therapy Proves More Effective than Prescriptions for Chronic Pain

    The facts are coming out of the woodwork. The mainstream medical practice of writing prescriptions for any type of pain has ended. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has implemented a new standard for treating chronic pain. Physical Therapy and the facts are astounding. Physical Therapy is twice as effective at lowering chronic pain (60-70%). Pain killers proved to be 30-40% effective and have many more life altering side effects including drug dependency.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic pain your local physical therapist should be one of your first stops. The results are in your favor and the downside is limited. If someone you know has been misled on how to treat their pain and is now in a difficult cylcle of prescription dependence call AARG. We help people everyday who are addicted to opiates, alcohol and other drugs.

    Misdiagnosis frequently leads to opiate addiction


    Please read the below article about a woman who has finally found an alternative to opiates. She had been taking them since misdiagnosed for what doctors thought was chronic pain and really was Lyme disease. The lack of treatments for the disease left her ill and a victim of the pain management cycle of the American pill addiction.

    This story is all too common with how the American medical industry has treated all types of pain. The result is they have now produced millions of opiate addicts whose lives have unraveled right before their eyes. AARG is yet to find an addict who has experienced any long term positive effects from prescription or illicit pain killers prescribed to treat their initial diagnosis.

    Natural remedies vs. medication for pain

    Helpful treatments, such as natural remedies as mentioned in the link above, are available but not yet accepted by the medical industry or policy makers. From what we have seen with one hundred percent of our addicted clients; pain medication was a short term solution to a long term problem which in the end still needs proper treatment and care.


    Why AARG? Why now? Fall shows natures true colors.


    Addiction in America is at an all time high. Families are being destroyed from drug abuse and addicts are still being treated like second class citizens. The healthcare industry still lacks a widely accepted and proven standard method of treatment for addiction. For families who want to help an addict there is too much information to gather and decipher with not enough time.  AARG is committed to having the most up to date options for families to receive help. Everyday we are networking with professionals in the field who are discovering the best methods to treat addiction. With the future of the healthcare industry blowing in the wind it is imperative that the American people have credible accurate information to help their loved ones recover.

    One of these areas we see huge change is with long term drug rehab. These facilities have had quite a run in the last decade and have opened on almost every corner in some cities. Did you know now that they are closing faster than they open? Policy makers and insurance companies alike have decided for better or worse that this type of treatment is too costly to be a mainstream model for drug treatment.

    A family may have a member who planned on going to a facility like the type mentioned above because they knew someone else who had attended there in years prior. If the facility is still open it could have an entirely new treatment model as well as staff. AARG does the leg work to let you know exactly what you are signing up for with a particular program and what costs you should expect to incur. Furthermore, if long term residential drug/alcohol treatment is becoming archaic than what is to come? Alignment Addiction Recovery Group is right  in the mix of that topic to provide the most current information to its clients who deserve to know what the industry sees as the most effective treatments available.

    Having  no affiliations or biasses on where or how someone should receive treatment  allows us to be the BEST advocate for each client on an individualized case by case basis. Based solely upon the circumstances and parameters of each addict. AARG is here to help addicts heal and shape the wave of the new substance abuse treatment industry. We can shed light on any scenario an addict may be feeling is a barrier to getting clean right now.

    A pharmaceutical company is putting profit before ethics?!? Are you shocked?

    suboxonepill-picWAKE UP AMERICA, your well being is not a priority unless its profitable 

    In a time when America is looking for answers to combat the opiate epidemic the pharmaceutical companies continue to put profits above all else including human life.

    This industry could be seen as the least caring and most unethical in the history of our nation. These drug manufacturers are the reason America sits in turmoil over addiction, yet they continue to profit as if it’s just another day in the office. Now that the extremely addictive pain killers are being scrutinized they have provided another solution. More medications… The medical and treatment communities are accepting this as a viable answer to the problems but that isn’t enough for manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser. They tried and failed to convince the FDA to deny approvals of generic forms so they could uphold their “loose monopoly.” Now they will pay a slip on the wrist fine and continue on with their lives as the U.S. continues to bury 78 of its citizens daily because of opiate addiction.

    41 states sue maker of suboxone

    NH joins 41 states in lawsuit
    Alignment view: This is another example of how pharmaceutical companies are shaping this nation and spoon feeding the citizens what they want them to eat. From Purdue Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of OxyContin to Reckitt Benckiser of Suboxone the record shows there is no care about life, health or anything other than wealth. Until Americans change the way they view heathcare and don’t fall into the medication for every ailment trap nothing will change and our nations overall demise will directly support “big pharmaceutical” prosperity.